AquaCal/TropiCal 115K BTU Heat Pump

$3,599.99 $3,281.00


TropiCal®   is quality heat pump designed to fit any budget.

  • High performance titanium heat exchanger (Patented ThermoLink®  in the T90T115 and T135 models)
  • Microprocessor controlled defrost cycle allows operation down to mid to low 40s °F
  • Lockable, flip-out control panel protected against sun and weather
  • Built-in drain pan for condensate management
  • Impact resistant, rust and fade proof cabinet
  • Quieter than conventional heat pumps


The TropiCal 115,000 BTU Heat Pump is the most economical choice in heat pumps today. This compact unit is perfect for above ground pools and small in ground pools. Features a corrosion resistant ThermoLink Titatnium heat exchanger with patented counter-flow water management for superior efficiency with a powerful sealed ventilator motor. A vinyl coated evaporator coil and fan grill with a microprocessor controlled automatic defrost allow operation down to the mid 40’s. 50,000 BTU unit operates on 208/230 volts.

Perfect for pool around 10,000 to 20,000 gallons.

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